Visit Monthly, Shine Daily, Keep ‘em Saying “Wow!”

Introducing the monthly membership you've been asking for -- one that gives you complete freedom to try all BodyBrite services and look amazing at a fantastic price. 

We call our new membership Smooth & Glow because you can get our signature IPL laser hair removal for the easiest hair-free SMOOTH skin,or get any of our facial treatments personalized for your concerns - so you will GLOW. Or get both –it’s your choice each month.

Smooth & Glow Membership is just $59.95 a month for one service and $99.95 for two services (or hair removal zones). 
The membership gives you easy to use benefits. It’s like a fitness membership for your skin (without the burpees).

Smooth & Glow Membership Benefits

  • 1 service of choice a month - $59.95

  • 2 services of choice a month, PLUS Members - $99.95

  • Unlimited rollovers

  • Gift banked services to friends or family

  • Double reward points

  • Free service when you refer new members

  • 10% off products

Discount on 2 additional services a month for the $59.95 membership and discounts on unlimited services with the PLUS membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: How is the Smooth & Glow different from the FacialsMembership?

ANSWER: The Smooth & Glow Membership is the ultimate client-friendly option because it includes access to all facial treatments AND also access to hair removal. There are no limits on rollovers, AND you can gift your unused services to a friend so you never have to worry about losing services!**

QUESTION: How is the Smooth & Glow Membership different than packages?

ANSWER: Packages aren't going away. Packages are a prepaid option for a single service or body zone. Membership allows you to budget monthly instead of a paying a larger lump sum. Membership gives you the freedom to enjoy any combination any hair removal zones or facials. Great for someone who is doing multiple zones or wants to save more.

QUESTION: What about doing multiple IPL hair removal body zones or facial services?

ANSWER: For clients that want to do multiple zones (like lower legs or brazilian) or need multiple treatments a month (like for acne or anti-aging) we will discount two additional services a month OR you may upgrade to Smooth & Glow PLUS to get 2 services a month and discounts on unlimited additional services each month.

We are thrilled to offer the best of BodyBrite with so much freedom. Come in or call us so we can go over all the membership benefits and determine if it's right for your skincare goals!

Contact your local BodyBrite (link to centers page) to learn more.


** Ask to see the Membership Menu and Membership Agreement for the list of all premium service fees and benefits.